A los of Innocence Part one
A los of Innocence
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michaelschulze Community member
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A somewhat different story to relate

A los of Innocence Part one

by michaelschulze

Arriving in a mainly British country as a child of German parents shortly after the war

Presents it's own set of problems than moving to a new town being a boy of eight

Then being sexually assaulted by an old man

This is a tail of one child to be revealed slowly allowing the subject's mind to heal after recalling the events

Already ostracized by fellow students whilst walking home an old man asked the child to enter his house

And look at his train set . When the door was closed the abuse began we won't go into details

After the abuse the boy ran home and told his father where upon they attended a police station to report the incident

Then being told by police they knew all about the man and nothing could be done

A boy of eight will not be able to stand up to questions in court about allegations against a adult in the community

It was at this stage the boy develops an overwhelming hate of males including his father who has let him down

Starting a new school shortly after life becomes increasingly difficult

Having no friends hated for his german heritage and now hating all males the boy has to learn how to stand and fight

Through the first four years of primary school only ever making one friend.

Time for healing this story will continue it will take time Please be patient .

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