November Falls
November Falls introspective stories
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michaelnicorata Community member
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A poem I wrote about how I used to have problems sleeping due to insomnia.

November Falls

Cycling the spiral within the bend

Creeping towards the very night

Acting out another forsaken trend

Tumbling in and out of sight

Troubled at the images up on high

I see the concourse come to be

And through the disease of autumn

A haunting mass appears unseen

A different shade of twilight made

Heading out amongst the pattern

Among the winding circles played

A swan dies far along from Saturn

And God spins his destructive hand

Upon the ancient buried tomb

Little do we fight to see the end

Scrambling together far from noon

The demon hands come up to grab

A distinct wither spirit in hand

Upon the waters, souls being tossed

Crossing the barrier within the land

And until the faucet shrinks again

The blanket of Spring will go

Silence beckoning to the wicked

Far from the incense below

Fill up the till cried the Winter

Autumn tears itself anew

Out in the darkness spirits die

Of everything masked in hue

Michael Nicorata


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