Never Ending
Never Ending interpretation stories

michaelnicorata Community member
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A period in my life where I seemed to be going nowhere so I had to write what I felt.

Never Ending

How long will I have to wait

Until the day exposes to me

All the things I have surpassed

And the moments meant to be

Fate has lasted this long inside

Bartering the little boy within

Felt so wide between the pride

Knowing the life upon the sin

To gain the piece of the puzzle

I must take the man inside out

Killing the burden hanging over

Always been hearing the shout

Obviously known what is in view

The circles spinning in a new motion

Pride swallows up in walking strides

All of these senses inside conclusion

I never abide by the rules anymore

I know that my time has unruly come

I understand now the timeless clock

All that dies withers under the gun

Michael Nicorata


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