Ghost Change
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miblossom Here to express
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Time to change

Ghost Change

Saw someone standing in front of me That person is cold and shaking

I asked that person “are you okay?” That person just smile and nod.

That person starts talking, that made me listen Said “yes, I’m weak yet I managed to stand firm”

Looking at that persons, smile never fade But the eye can’t lie. All I can see is pain.

Start questioning that person. But the answer that I got were a yes and nod. I screamed “what is wrong with you?”

Stop agreeing learn to say no for once Everyone is throwing dirt in your eyes.

Then that person respond, every time I talk they misunderstood. My honesty is mistaken by rudeness.

My kindness is mistaken by cockiness. I tried to change and this is the outcome.

That person hugs me Smiles faded, eyes are now empty

I look around everything is changing Then I realized, I was just staring at a mirror.

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