The Night is for Hunting
The Night is for Hunting stories

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"My hunter slowly began to cross the room. His eyes fixed on where I was hidden. I knew he knew where I was. I knew the battle would soon begin."

The Night is for Hunting

Fear swept over me. A fear like no other fear I had ever felt before in my life. I was trapped, cornered. I needed to stay calm, or I would soon be dead. My heart raced.

I was out of breath from the chase.

I needed to control my breathing, I needed to get some air back into my lungs but feared if I took too big of a breath, the slight movement of my chest would alert my hunter of my presence.

My body screamed for oxygen, but I dared only take the slightest of breaths and hold them,

waiting for the moments when my hunter was looking away before exhaling and sucking in a little more air.

I had been lucky to find my hiding spot, which I now cowered in. I was hidden in the shadows, the moonlight glaring through the windows like a prison spotlight just inches from where I lay.

The smallest movement and I would be exposed to my hunter. Every muscle of my body began to cramp up as I lie twisted; trying to remain in the shadow that now concealed me.

My hands gripped the rail in front of me, as my shoeless feet pressed hard against the wall. I prayed I would not slip.

Slivers from the rough cut wood that lined the wall sliced into my feet. The pain was reaching a point to where I was about to just surrender, to let my hunter win.

To end this sick game he was playing with me.

I kept my eyes squinted, fearing the moonlight would make my eyes a glowing signal to my hunter if I opened them completely,

just as I could see the yellowish glow from his eyes as he stalked just outside the windows.

I wanted to close my eyes completely, but the fear of not being able to at least slightly see my hunter was more powerful than the fear of my squinted eyes giving me away.

Then I heard it, the sound that made my fear, which I thought had reached its max, increase triple fold. The sound of the small door below me was being pushed open.

Beads of sweat trickled down my forehead. I had to move my head to wipe the sweat on my arm or let its dripping to the floor be an alarming signal to my hunter as to where I was.

Slowly I tilted my head, being sure to stay within the confines of the shadow, and quickly ran my forehead across my arm.

I had gotten lucky, for as I had moved; my hunter had turned away from me, being distracted by a sound emanating from across the room.

I too heard the faint trickle of water running from the faucet. Funny, I thought to myself, I hadn’t heard it before. But I was damn glad my hunter had heard it.

I watched as my hunter walked across the room. He reached out his hand and held it under the trickling water. I watched as he raised his hand to his face and licked the water from it.

I hadn’t noticed it until that moment, but my mouth was dry. I now craved water. The thirst was overwhelming.

I had been stuck here for hours, cramped in this tiny spot, and prior to that, the hours of running from my hunter, with nothing to drink.

My tongue felt like it had swelled instantly from the dryness. I almost cried out as I watched my hunter lap the cool water from his hand. Oh God I needed water.

The pain of thirst was far greater than the pains that cursed through every muscle in my body. I felt myself giving in. I couldn’t take it any longer.

I thought I would rather be dead than suffer through these pains any longer. But I resisted those thoughts and forced myself to remain where I was.

I must have moaned slightly as I watched my hunter quenching his thirst, for he quickly turned and faced where I was hidden. I could see his eyes as he glanced around the room.

I held my breath and tried not to move, but my muscles were starting to spasm. My own body was about to give me away.

I cursed myself silently as I saw his eyes transfix on where I was hidden.

Had he seen me? Did he know I was here? What will I do if he has spotted me? All these questions rushed through my mind. I decided I had no choice.

If he had seen me, I would have to fight. I knew it would be a fight to my death, but I had to at least try.

My hunter slowly began to cross the room. His eyes fixed on where I was hidden. I knew he knew where I was. I knew the battle would soon begin.

He was now just feet from where I lay hidden in the shadow. I knew he saw me, and he knew I knew. I thought I heard him let out a little laugh as he reached up his hand.

The moonlight glared off his eyes. It was now or never. Fight or die.

Just as my hunters hand reached my face, I awakened. My cat was gently patting my face with his paw, signaling me that it was time to get up and feed him.

I laughed as I scratched his head, hoping that I never dreamt I was a mouse again.

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