Something New, Can be Bad for You
Something New, Can be Bad for You stories

mhkmelvin Community member
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Having tired of the same old start to poetry, maybe something new is in order?

Something New, Can be Bad for You

As I sit Here

As I SIT here,,,,?

Wait a minute? Why am I always just sitting here when I begin to write a poem? Let me try something else.

As I stand here

My heart begins to ache

For the love that once filled it

Has now been turned to hate

The warmth

That once melted all my pain

Has all but gone except for

Standing while I type is causing my back to strain

So maybe it is best,

To begin the same old way

As I sit here,

Just like the poems of yesterday

But NO, I don’t want to

I don’t want to always repeat

Maybe I should stand on my head

And try to type with my feet?

Ndjwiu 7r7314na;ovsdh88w

M cnudspa9fawr04444444qni3sd

nMZNXPD98fe743 gocdnk


Oh my, that doesn’t work so well

Am I too forever be confined

To start every poem

With that same tired old line?

No no no I say

I must I must I must

Find another way!!

Let me try it

Whilst bathing in the tub

Lots of bubbles and a little soap


Hey this is working,

I can write while I bathe

I wonder if I could write poetry

Even while I shave

Now where is my razor?

Oh there it is

Let me just reach for it

Oh no my computer!!!

Why is it so dark?

Who turned out the lights?

Why is it so quiet?

Wait a minute, there’s a little light

Wow the light is getting brighter

Is that a harp I hear being strummed

Do I here a trumpet blowing?

And a little boy beating on a drum?

Oh crap!! Am I dead?

Well ain’t that just a shame

Trying to come up with something new

Should have stuck with the same old game

Oh but wait?

I’ve got it now

“As I FLOAT here on this cloud”

See!! I knew I could do something new

Oh I knew I could do it

Oh sure a high price to pay

But no more will I have to write, “As I sit,,”

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