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In the darkest corner of a rundown shack Lived a lonely old man by the name of Mac

Love Kills

In the darkest corner of a rundown shack

Lived a lonely old man by the name of Mac

The kids from the town called him “Mr. Hate”

And they’d throw stones at him from beyond his gate

There wasn’t a single soul in the whole town who cared

What happened to the man who lived ‘up there’

And even if there was who would he let in

For him love and kindness were the worst possible sin

But the little old widow she didn’t mind

She didn’t care if he was unkind

For every day she brought him a meal

If for nothing else it made her feel,,,, happy

Now after awhile the old mans heart

Began to soften and he would not part

With the hour a day pleasing the widow’s heart

And this thus made him,,,, happy

Now the old man got to know her real well

But then one day things all went to hell

The widow didn’t show for his daily meal

And this thus made him feel,,,, angry

He went into town for the first time in years

And for the first time in his life his eyes they filled with tears

Cause as he approached the middle of town

There lay the old widow dead on the ground

With his dinner plate still in her hand

She died showing kindness to a mean old man

Now the old man took this as a final sign

And he went back home and there he did hide

He never came out and he was never seen again

And he died an old man thinking love was a sin

Now to me what he saw was really quite clear

Cause laying there was the person he felt dear

And she’d be alive to this very day

If he hadn’t of let her see him in that loving way

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