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It is only through Death that one learns the value of Life.

By: Melvin

Let Us Pray

by Melvin

Pain and misery. These two things, I clearly see I live thru these, each and every day But oh how I wish, I could live another way

I’ve tried to be happy; I’ve tried to be glad But always something happens, and I end up really sad So now I’ve come to hate, those and them I should love But the hate I have for them, is purely out of love

Cause to hurt those you love, would be a terrible shame And if I died now, they’d have me to blame

“He was sick. He was crazy. He was angry. He was mean. And this was the only way He let himself be seen.

Cause to show his love Would open him to hurt So why let it get started Let us now cover him with dirt

Emotions were a side of him He wouldn’t let anyone know The hate and anger built inside of him And he wouldn’t let them go

Cause if you can not love Then you can not hate

And if you refuse to be happy Then you can not be sad

And by holding these emotions in It slowly made him mad.”

“Let us Pray”

“Oh Lord, if you’re really there Take this man in And shower him with care

Cause his life here on earth Was filled with hate and sin But we ask of your forgiveness

Won’t you please take him in?

Show him there The love he missed Show him there The roses he should have kissed

Show him there The morning light Show him there The beauty of the stars at night

Take him from his birth at a glance To the day of his death When he gave up on a chance

Cause thru his anger He did hide But maybe you Can now break inside.”


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