Diary of a Lonely Man - Part 17
Diary of a Lonely Man - Part 17 stories

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...116 Original name Carajé, Didacus was born part of a brazillian indigenous tribe on the amazon forest.

Diary of a Lonely Man - Part 17


Original name Carajé, Didacus was born part of a brazillian indigenous tribe on the amazon forest.

Ever since he was born, his parents teached him ideals of peace and tolerance, even though the world around them was brimming with violence.

As he grew, his favorite pastime as a child and teen was collecting herbs with his uncle, to later make teas and natural medicine for his people.

He learned to understand how dependant we are to nature's fruits and that we should use them only for good.

However, conflict soon reached his village, which was caught in a crossfire between military and drug dealers.

Some people got shot, and he tried to heal them using the medicinal herbs and teas his uncle had, but it was no use.

The trauma of seeing his village's people die in front of him, result of senseless violence, made him completely averse to it. He vowed to stop it and reduce suffering whenever possible.

After attending school, he went for a degree on Medicine, later specializing of Phytotherapy, in which his knowledge of the amazonian flora and the effects of many plants helped on his way.

After patenting many natural medicines coming from amazonian and other brazilian plants' extracts, he became reasonably rich and was lauded for his advances on naturalist medicine.

He joined Medicins Sans Frontieres after knowing of the woes of african tribes getting destroyed after attacks from paramilitary groups.

He knew his natural knowledge would help on a desolate place such as africa.

However, he was warned that africa was pretty much a huge warzone, and that doctors going there had to be actual soldiers to be able to even reach the patients.

And so, he received basic soldier training. Things such as CQC and handling of guns, as well as some tactics. Nothing fancy.

He was remarked by his superiors that his unique physique made him much more nimble than most soldiers, and that he could do nicely with light, nanofiber armor.

He was later injected with nanobots which, in conjuction with the armor, made him much more resilient and able to be a medic on african warzones.

He also received a stun gun and a silenced traquilizer dart pistol. He was offered lethal alternatives, but outright denied them. He was there to save, not to kill.

While he was fighting the war on africa, saving as much lives as he could, he noticed something morbid.

Other doctors were more focused on killing the enemies than saving the victims, sometimes using heavy ordinance and outright endangering them.

This really shocked him. Are they doctors? What happened to the oath. They look just like the side they're fighting!

After this, something hit him hard in the head. He blacked out, and woke up on a dark room, tied to a chair. After some time, a single black man approached him.

It was the leader of the local paramilitary.

However, on the shadows behind him was a faint silhouete of a woman, coughing and wheezing. The leader said that it was his mother.

She had a disease, and nobody could cure her, and so she agonized day after day.

I asked if i could help her. He said it was the reason he captured me. He untied me and guided me to a garden full of interesting and exotic plants.

He said he asked his subjects to collect them and plat them here, but nobody knew how to use the herbs correctly, so they thought an actual doctor would have an idea.

He had his rifle pointed to me the whole time. Barely did he know, knowing plants and herbs was my speciality.

I collected them and started tests, mixing them and seeing the effects of the plant.

It took days, and in the meantime, the leader told me of family and friends who died because not of disease, but of brutality by the "Doctors".

After three days, i was able to find a mixture that made her much better, using a particular blue leafed herb as a base.

He thanked me, and said he would cease hostilities immediately. Then he released me. I immediately warned my superiors of the cease-fire, and they were very enthusiastic about it.

I was happy, thinking i made a difference in all of that.

A few days later, my commander asked our crew to watch the execution.

"What execution? I though hostilities were over.", I said. Yet, he ignored me and i followed him.

All tied up and blindfolded, the leader and his mother were before a platoon of rifles.

All i could hear was a loud stream of bangs, and the bloody bodies were dead.

"Why. Why did that happen? I though there would be peace. Not more violence."

After this, Carajé resigned the MSF, went to Spain, and started to mess around with the strange blue plant that he collected from africa.

Turns out it has a highly reactive component that accelerates cell multiplication, basically healing wounds in seconds. However, there was one really bad side effect: Cancer.

The cell growth would not stop, and would eventually cause cancer wherever it was applied. He needed to supress this, dilute the base component so that the cancer effect is not triggered.

He worked for months, trying all the possibilities with his herbs from all around the world. as well as synthetic components.

He even reached some professors from the University of Madrid, to discuss what could be possible to supress.

After much work, he found that a combination of certain amazonian and asian plants, plus some synthetic components, would reduce the cancerous growth to a grinding halt,

while not affecting the healing process.

It was like a miraculous, blue healing gel. It could be eaten to repair internal bleeding, administered on the blood stream for general healing, or directly on wounds for fast recovery.

The only problem is, it can't be manufactured. The plants needed for the composite were slow growing, and a great quantity of them was needed for a 200ml recipient.

A special greenhouse was used to accelerate the growth of the plants, but it was still a hand made process.

After getting used to the substance, he started selling it on small quantities to natural medicine shops.

The popularity was high, but he couldn't give them more as he already was producing at max capacity.

"This helps, but it's too small scale..."

After some days of thinking what could he do, he watched a news report about so called "heroes" on tokyo.

One of the men was wielding an glowing axe, and the other was simply mauling everyone in his path.

He humored himself, thinking of being part of a hero team. But after thinking twice, maybe that's a way to make small-scale become more effective.

Soon, he flew to Japan, the sunrise land, with his nanofiber suit, some syringes containing healing nanobots, his stun gun, the tranquilizer pistol,

and of course his gel and the plants required to produce it.

When he reached the island, he immediately went for the hero "HQ". Which was more like a worn out housem but who was he to judge.

Inside, he saw the glowing axe man eating pizza and watching tv, and the berserker was sitting on a corner, looking down, pensive.

I greeted them, and they said their codename, and asked for mine.

I thought of a cool name i heard while in Madrid.

Didacus. Didacus, the healer.


I'm sorry if I'm going to talk about a topic you don't like, but I need to get this anguish out of myself.

I know you've already told me that you want to be alone, and that blood doesn't mean anything.

But regardless of blood or your preferences, I really like you.

I think you're very intelligent, funny, informed, and very pretty too. I would very much like to approach you because I am very proud of you.

From how you draw and write well, how you're dedicated, how alert you are to the world around you.

Even though you deny it, I think everyone needs affection, care, someone they can count on forever.

I always wanted to give you my affection and care, but there is a barrier between us that I can not break.

If you open the doors for me, you will find yourself a smart, empathetic, true and loving person who will do anything to make you happy.

I swear, I will not disappoint you. I will be your best friend forever, someone with whom you can open up and share the pains and pleasures.

Give me a chance. I know you have a reason to be closed, but be brave, as I was when I gave you a hug.

If it does not work, fine, but for me, and for you, try, please.

I want to be the friend you've always dreamed of.

I want to give you all the support you need to get going.

I want to be a confidant, someone with whom you can share whatever you want.

I want to be your shelter, the chest in which you can cry, without fear of looking weak.

For we are all weak. Strength comes from union.

I know it's hard to open yourself. I needed a lot of courage to change, no matter how small.

I may not understand all your troubles, but I will never let you suffer alone.

I will always be by your side, in good and bad times.

And I will respect you when you do not want my company.

But when you want, I'll always be there. I will do my best to make you happy, and make sure you also make me happy.

I love you very much. More than you can imagine.

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