BakuDeku Fanfiction part 6
BakuDeku Fanfiction part 6  fan fiction stories

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will bakugou and kirishima end their fight as friends or as something more daring and risky?

BakuDeku Fanfiction part 6

The silent treatment went on for WEEKS almost a whole month.

kirishima was visibly upset and avoided bakugou every chance he got

*mina talking to denki*

Mina: Hey Denki do you know whats wrong with Kirishima?!

Denki: nah but i heard bakubro and kiri fighting a couple weeks ago and they have been like this for almost a month.

Mina: I'M GETTING TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS!!!! i cant let my two besties stay like this forever.and your going to help me.

Denki: oh okay well kirishima wants to talk to me right now maybe its about whats going on.

*bakugou hears the whole conversation and get very mad. he takes kirishima to his dorm and closes the door. kirishima looks confused until bakugou pushes him and the bed and starts kissing him*

Kiri: mmm~ what are you doing ?! i thought you were with deku

Bakugou: oh shut it. listen i like you too but i also love deku and i'm not sure he likes the idea of sharing me no matter how nice and cheery he is.

ill have to talk to him about it if you want and just so you know he is giving me the silent treatment after what happened la-

*kirishima kisses bakugou passionately while panting just a little bit but enough for bakugou to notice. Bakugou gets what kirishima is trying to do and starts kissing him back *

Kiri: shut up god damn it you talk to much.

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