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mha_fanfiction {He/Him} {Rp's} {Nsfw rp's is okay}
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my eyes widened in horror as I saw-

the war

I was watching TV on the old sofa with my dog named Buddy. As I was watching the television, I heard a big, loud noise in the kitchen. "mommy??" I said, struggling to get off the sofa.

when I got off the sofa I slowly walked to the kitchen as Buddy was growling and walking beside me.

When I walked in the kitchen the dim light was flickering on and off, my eyes widened in horror. "m-mommy!!" I screamed as she laid lifeless on the floor.

I ran up to her and fell to my knees beside her, shaking her vividly and wanting her to wake up. "M-Mommy please wake up!" I screamed again and a robotic voice was coming from behind me.

"Now it's your turn." the robot said and I slowly turned around and looked up, seeing the robot that my papa made a long time ago.

"N-no please!! i-i don't want to die!" I yelled and then went to the basement where my papa was working before.

I ran into his lab that he was working on his other subjects and then that's when I saw papa. He was laying on the table that he used to put the robot on and tear pieces off it while he worked.

his limbs and arms were teared off as he layed on the table, blood all over the walls.

"papa-" my sentence was stopped by a bloody scream of my own, I then looked down to see a knife jabbed in my heart from behind me.

"We win" the same robotic voice said and I fell to the ground, on my knees. It was so painful, who knew that I would ever get stabbed by a robot. My eyes slowly closed and I died.

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