the omega (maybe a One-shot)
the omega (maybe a One-shot)  tododeku stories

mha_fanfiction {He/Him} {Rp's} {Nsfw rp's is okay}
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I was walking home from school, very tired. Todoroki ran up to me then gave me a hug from behind. "Hi baby~" he said and I lightly blushed and smiled. "Hi todoroki" I said, then gave him a peck on the lips. "So are you busy today~?" he said and I nodded. He sighed and hugged me tighter.

the omega (maybe a One-shot)

I was walking home from school, very tired. Todoroki ran up to me then gave me a hug from behind. "Hi baby~" he said and I lightly blushed and smiled.

"Hi todoroki" I said, then gave him a peck on the lips. "So are you busy today~?" he said and I nodded. He sighed and hugged me tighter.

"Awww~ I wanted to have some fun today" he said and I slightly looked away, blushing. "W-well..sorry but remember we have dorms-" I said. "Yeah yeah I remember but..

your roommate is..bakugou..i'm afraid that something might happen to you while you're with him.." he said and I sighed and lightly smiled.

"I promise nothing will happen to me" I sighed, smiling. Todoroki smiled but it was clear that he was still a little nervous about me going into the same dorm room as bakugou.

Bakugou has a record of stealing omega's from their alpha's, it's actually quite scary. "Well I'll be going" I said then gave todoroki a peck on the lips again and walked away.

I looked around and saw my dorm room. I gripped my bag with 'fun' stuff inside it, it was to relieve myself when I was in heat. I unlocked the door and walked into the dorm.

I didn't see bakugou which was good. I sighed with relief and walked into the dorm then saw one room. "Oh shit.." I said under my breath and someone grabbed me from behind.

I turned around and saw bakugou. My eyes widened and I let out fear pheromones. Bakugou bent down and sniffed my pheromones then he smirked and licked his lips.

"Aww~ don't be so scared, little slut~" he said and I pushed him away from me. "F-first of all i'm not a slut!" I said and he let out pheromones that made my whole body shutter and become hot.

"Nn~ w-why are you letting out those p-pheromones- mm~" I said and I dropped to my knees, panting. "Because I can. And you're mine now." he said and I growled at him.

He grabbed my hair and lifted me up by my hair. I whimpered and started squirming. "Hm..looks like you don't have an alpha.." he said and I kept whimpering.

"I-i do have an alpha!!" I said, still whimpering and squirming. Bakugou smirked and let my hair go, dropping me and I hit the ground. "O-ow.." i said and bakugou kept smirking.

"D-don't do what I think you're going to do. I know what you do to omega's.." I said then shakily got up. Bakugou scoffed and grabbed my hair again, pulling me close.

"W-what are you doing?" I said and he looked at me in the eyes. "Do you do drugs?" bakugou said and my eyes widened. "H-how-" I said, not able to finish my sentence.

"I know because you smell like a fucking drug addict." he said and I pushed him away. "Y-you don't know anything!" I yelled at him and he stepped towards me. "Oh trust me, I do.

" he said and smirked. My eyes widened and he pulled me close, and I mean very close.

I could feel his warm breath against my neck as he slowly pressed his body against mine and lowly whispered in my ear. "I know your body craves craves my touch.

" Bakugou softly put his hands on my waist and slowly dragged his hands down a little to the rim of my pants and I got flustered, slightly looking away. "My kiss..

" Bakugou said then he dragged his lips down my neck, softly kissing it. My body became warm and I felt like I...was..actually craving him.. "And most importantly...

my dick" bakugou said and he moved his hands down a little in my pants, pushing his finger in my hole and I let out a moan of desire.

Bakugou dragged his lips back up my neck and whispered against my ear again. "Let me be your drug..cause I know..

that you desire to have my dick in you so bad that you're probably thinking about it right now." he said lowly in my ear. I looked in his eyes, panting and extremely hot.

I looked away but he grabbed my chin and made me look at him. "Y-you are.." he let out more phephoromes that were extremely lustful. "..y-you are so..

amazing" I said, feeling like I was just getting high off of bakugou's phephoromes. Bakugou smirked and picked me up then he took me into our room and threw me on the bed.

"Gah!" I whimpered a little from where he just threw me on the bed and he got on top of me. "W-wha" I said but I got cut off by bakugou kissing me.

"Mm~!" my whole body turned red and then the kiss started to get heated. 'I can't..but...' I thought to myself but I gave in and started kissing back.

He slowly started taking off my clothes and softly started kissing my stomach. "You're going to have my pup." bakugou said and my eyes widened then I looked at him.

"N-no i'm not!" I yelled at bakugou and he grabbed my neck but not that hard. "You don't have a choice! The viewers want this!" bakugou said. "I think" he mumbled.

("Woah!!! Hold up!! You need to stop breaking the 4th wall buddy!!" Y/N said. "TCH-! Shut it you loser!!!!!" bakugou said and Y/N rolled their eyes and sighed.

"Anyways, back to the story" Y/N said") bakugou started squeezing my neck. I started squirming and gasping for air.

"I-i can't b-breathe!" I gasped out and he kept squeezing my neck tighter, and tighter. I whimpered loudly and he took off all his and my clothes. I kept whimpering louder and squirming.

"Stop moving you little slut. It's not like this is your first time or anything." he said and I looked at him with fear in my eyes. "I-it is my first time!-" I said and he stuck his tip in me.

"A-Ahh~~" I moaned out and he slightly let go of my neck. I was panting like crazy and bakugou smirked. "Y'know my dick is about over a foot-" he smirked more and my jaw dropped.

"W-what the hell?!" I said and he tried to shove his massive cock in me. "AHH~ s-stop~!" (oh my goodness) I moaned out and he kept trying to shove it in me, grunting.

I moaned very loudly and hugged bakugou tightly from how much pain I was in. "hm?~ what's the matter slut?~" bakugou said and I started crying my eyes out.

"I-it hurts so m-much" I said, sniffling and crying. Bakugou's eyes widened and he took his tip out of me. He then hugged me and I kept crying. "Shh..stop crying..!" he said, hugging me tighter.

I stopped crying and sniffled. Bakugou sighed and let go of me then started putting on his clothes. "I'm going now.." bakugou said and I nodded. "O-okay..

" I said, still sniffling and put my clothes back on as well. Bakugou rushed out the door and slammed it shut. "..he's...nice I guess" ("you call that nice?" Y/N said.

"Oi! Shut it! You're the one who made the damn script!!" bakugou said. "I-....yeah I guess you're right-" Y/N said. "I'm always right, Loser!!" bakugou said and Y/N rolled their eyes.

"Yeah whatever. Anyways, back to the story") "I wonder if he's..mad" I said and sighed. "It doesn't concern me anyways..

" I said and got up then stretched a little, my ears and tail down from thinking of what happened.

TO BE CONTINUED!!! (yes there will be more parts to this)

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