NEW SIM! [Closed]
                                              NEW SIM!

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mha_fanfiction {He/Him} {Rp's} {Nsfw rp's is okay}
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New Sim! Twilight Sim (?) UwU

NEW SIM! [Closed]

Okay, sooooo- I'm doing a new sim! I feel like i'll do better at this sim and get more episodes out. okay, the next page explain's what's it about. - - - - - - >

So, the Sim is about Vampires, Wolves, and Humans. No Human know's about Vampire's and Wolves. So this sim is kinda like twilight. It will be a romance story between Wolves x human's/ Human's x Wolves and Vampire's x Human's/ Human's x Vampire's The next page tell's you the spots that are left - - - - - - - - >

Wolves~(0 spots left) {Closed} Vampire's(0 spots left) {Closed} Human's~(0 spots left) {Closed} (next page tell's you the Form) - ->

Name: Sexuality: Age: Appearance: Bottom, top, or switch(for reasons): Vampire, Wolf, or Human: If you chose Wolf then are you an Omega, Beta, or Alpha?: If you chose Vampire are you very strong or a bit weak?: If you chose human, then do you believe in Vampire's and Wolves?:

There's only a limited of spots so it's first come, first serve. (I think that's how it goes T^T) But anyways., I hope you have a lovely day!^^ Bye, Bye!^^

I forgot to put the Gender and that it is only a B x B sim. I can only do B x B for some reason. me is sorry T^T

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