FIRST EPISODE ~The Bachelor~
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First episode of Bachelor!

FIRST EPISODE ~The Bachelor~

⚠️Warning: this may have yelling, sex, cursing, hot men that could make you die, flirting, awkwardness and A LOT of drama. Viewer discretion is advised ⚠️ (I hope you guys like it!^^)

All the 10 Guests that are in the show come out on a little podium, they were at a beautiful resort, only for them. It had a beautiful ocean and beach, and HAWT bartenders. (extra character that someone gave me for the sim, @Charleyparker. Drake will be the hot bartender with another bartender in there) The host got out of the car, holding a microphone. "Welcome everyone, to the resort of love"

The host said and some of then smiled and most of them had a straight face. "So let me tell you the rules....THERE ARE NO RULES!" the host laughed. "But there will be some challenges throughout your stay at the resort. If the first person who looses the first challenge first, you will be sent home, but the person who wins can choose to bring them back to the resort, make friends, not enemy's, cause you might need their

help if you do loose. Now, you guys can go into the common room, there should be a bar area in there as well, so you guys can sit back, relax, and get to know each other" the host said with a smile then all the guests went inside. Alext went to sit on the bean bag that was beside the sofa. "mm..cozy" Alext said. Aki caught a glimpse at everyone asses. "Wow, you guys have some thick asses" Aki said. the tops stared at Aki

and the bottoms blushed while some switches blushed as well and the others were just like..what da fuck. Bore just blinked and yawned, flopping onto the sofa. Ekonami looked at Drake the bartender, blushing. Aidan was making a list about the people he already hated and the people he liked already. Ash got nervous and summoned a blanket and hid under it. Levi looked at everyones crotch, examining

their dick sizes and he walked up to Tahno, looking at his crotch. "Why is your dick big but your so..small?" Levi said, blinking a few times and quite curious. "W-Wha?! U-um..." Tahno blushed like crazy and looked away, getting a bit anxious. "W-W-Well....i-i don't know.." Tahno said then he quickly looked around for a place to hide. Drake was making a Margarita for everyone, checking everyone

out and smirking, saying, "Wow, the host picked some cuties this year, how fun." Drake said to himself. Axel went over to the bar area and tapped the table. "One Margarita, please." Axel said, ready to get drunk as fuck. Drake looked at Axel. "Well alrighty then." Drake said, doing some drinks and then gracefully pours it into a whine glass. Drake slid it across the table the table over to Axel.

Axel sighed and he picked the glass up, taking a glass at it. "Heh, nice tricks. Are you good in bed as well?~" Axel said, with a low and soothing voice. Drake looked at Axel up and down. "..Fuck off." Drake said, somewhat getting frustrated all of a sudden. "What the hell did you say to me?" Axel said, getting angry. Drake glared at Axel. "You heard me. Now i suggest you back off on the flirting and go fuck someone

else." Drake said, sighing and trying to calm down. Axel scoffed and got up, walking away, over to Ash. Aiden walked over to drake and sat down. Drake's mood completely changed and he smirked looking at Aiden. "What's up, cutie~" Drake said lowly and Aiden stared at Drake, a light blush suddenly appearing on his cheeks. "Hi." Aiden said. "So, do you come here often?~" Drake said and

Aiden looked at Drake like he was stupid. "No, i don't. I literally just came here and this is a private island sooo no." Aiden said, sighing. Drake laughed. "Wow, your funny, and so cute~" Drake said, making Aiden blush like crazy. "I-" Aiden got interrupted from the host and he walked in. "Well I hope you guys liked the show. Tune on tomorrow when the first challenge starts. Bye!" the host said and everyone

started waving goodbye while other were just drinking a bit, Drake winked at the screen and smirked. "Goodbye~" Drake chuckled and the screen turned off.

Special thanks to: @iliketrains, @rowan_boi, @sincere_space, @inkdragon, @chickennuggies, @anime_senpaii, @gay_alex, @ta3verse, @1000nights, @liah_dreamie, @Charleyparker

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