{BakugoXTodoroki} ~Part 1~

         ~Part 1~ mha stories

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A new series I am doing! (I will still continue TodorokiXReader btw)

{BakugoXTodoroki} ~Part 1~

~Todoroki's Pov~ Shoto Todoroki was in his dorm relaxing on his bed, listening to music on his headphones when a soft knock came from his door. "Who is it?!" he shouted, taking his headphones off and sitting them on them nightstand. "Katsuki." A voice yelled through the door, annoyingly. "Okay wait a minute. Coming, Bakubro."

Shoto got up off of his bed, changed into a long white shirt and a pair of jeans trying to fix his hair, and went to the door. When he opened it, Bakugo was standing there in his boxers, wearing only them and a red and black shirt with writing on it. Shoto's face flushed red. He didn't expect to see that when he opened the door. "What do you want?" he asked, blushing embarrassingly.

"Tch. Just needed to see where Kiri is. He didn't come home last night." "What?" That explains the commotion last night in the hallway. "Yeah, Icyhot. Everyone's looking all over for his stupid face." "Well . . . where do you think he went. He obviously didn't come home last night so he isn't here." Shoto stated. Bakugo growled, scowling.

"No shit sherlock. In my opinion he went for some drinks and didn't bring his dumb ass home." he answered. "Okay . . ." He mumbled, pushing past Bakugo and into the hallway. The hallway was full of chaos. Everyone was shouting and whining and the teachers were drinking huge cups of coffee and sat there chatting.

"Jeez . . . why are you guys going psycho? It's just him. You guys all know him." Bakugo muttered, turning to glare at each person who walked by him. "They are frightened that he is lost. It has happened before with Mina." Shoto answered, shaking his head and walking over to the group of teachers. "Point taken but seriously. Such babies." Bakugo said, leaning on Todoroki's door.

Shoto nodded and began to talk to the teachers. "Has anyone found any clue at all where Kiri is?" Shoto asked Eraserhead. "Nope. The only sign at all was that Kirishima's bed was not slept in last night."The teacher answered, taking a long sip of his coffee, cuddling up in his yellow sleeping bag. "Oh. Thanks. That is very reassuring." He muttered, walking back over to Bakugo,

who was talking to Denki. Even though they didn't find Kiri yet, he knew that he would be found soon. He hoped.

~Bakugoa's Pov~ Talking to Denki was exasting. All he did was chatter and never stopped. "Okay? That won't help find Kiri. Fuck." Bakugo scowled, using his quirk to make small sparks in his palm. He had to find Kiri, he had to. He really appreciated Kirishima as his friend, but he would never say that to his face. Never.

He sighed and turned to Todoroki. He felt a weird feeling toward Icyhot. He thought he felt the same toward him as he did Kiri but it wasn't. It was more than a friend. He shook his head and growled. 'Don't you start. You do not like anyone. Stop that shit.', he chastised himself. He walked out of the conversation with Denki,

who was still talking even though he wasn't there, and went to his room to put on pants. He just noticed when he went over to Icyhot's room and told him about Kiri being missing. Todoroki's face was bright red. Bakugo sighed again. He knew he was always keeping secrets and feelings from his friends but he couldn't help it. He wanted to be the best hero ever,

even if it meant hurting his friends. Even Deku. He liked him a little which was why he alway bullied him. Bakugo opened one of his drawers and a picture fell out. Bakugo winced. he recognized the picture from his childhood. It was a picture of his mother, Mitsuki Bakugo. Bakugo felt tears began to fill his eyes. His mother died last year from some kind of disease.

Nobody knew what the disease was but that it was very dangerous to older people. Bakugo fought back his tears, picked up the photo, and stuffed it under his jeans as he picked a pair of pants out. That was the other side of Bakugo that he wished to hide forever. He quickly put on his jeans as he heard shouts of joy and worry outside. They must've found Kiri. He raced out the door into screams.

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