{BakugoXTodoroki} ~Part 2~

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{BakugoXTodoroki} ~Part 2~

~Bakugo's Pov~ When I went outside to the crowd of people in the hallway, Kiri was sitting on a bench, people surrounding him and asking questions. When Kiri spotted Bakugo, he got up and pushed through the people. "Hey Bakubro!" Kiri shouted, patted Bakugo on the back hard.

"Hey . . . Kiri. Where was you?" Bakugo asked, curiously. Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck. "Me and a couple of friends went to a bar to drink some alcohol, but we got kicked out since were 16. Everyone got picked up but I got lost since the bar was in a total different neighborhood. And I had to sleep next to a dumpster until All Might found me."

Bakugo laughed. "I knew you were trying to get some drinks. I told myself you were a dumb ass and got lost." Kirishima studied me and smirked. "You missed me didn't you?" he asked, shaking Bakugo's hair until it was messed up. No. Hide your feelings. That is what your best at, Bakugo thought.

Bakugo hide his face by turning away toward the crowd of people, his face was full of anxiety and kindness. "Tch. No of course not. You were being a stupid idiot and couldn't pay attention. I was NOT worried anyway whatsoever about you." Kirishima nodded slowly and walked to his dorm, ignoring the people who were once again asking questions.

"Yeah. Okay. Bye Bakubro!" And he left. Bakugo shook his head, fear creeping up and down his spine he felt as if something was going to happen but it didn't. He sighed turning around and bumping right into Shoto Todoroki. "W-watch out!" He yelled, his face starting to burn red.

Every since he started talking to Shoto more, he started having feelings for him. Love feelings. He tried to ignore them but he couldn't, all he could think about was the sensation of him and Shoto kissing. He blushed even redder, was he gay? "Uh . . . hey, Bakugo." Shoto said, moving around with nervousness and anxiety.

Something was up with him too. Was it the same as he was feeling?

~Todoroki's Pov~ Shoto tried to think about anything else but all he was thinking about was how hot Bakugo was looking. There must be something wrong with me! Stop thinking about him!, he chatised himself, trying to calm down but he couldn't.

Shoto stood there like an idiot, looking back at his mirrored expression in Bakugo's face, which was even redder than his. "Hey . . . how are you?" Bakugo said, blushing even harder, trying to look away from me but couldn't. Shoto's only wish was to kiss him, which was WEIRD!

Before Shoto could really think his body moved toward Bakugo slowly. "What are you doing!?" he muttered under his breath to himself. His head listened to him but his heart had another opinion. Then he felt the pressure of Bakugo's lips on his, they were soft and hot and he couldn't take his mouth from them.

Bakugo seemed into too, like him. They kissed and kissed until they pulled apart, faces blushing redder than a bunch of apples. But before they started kissing, everyone started noticing them. Just like then, all of class 1-A was staring at them, eyes wide in surprise.

Shoto blushed, and stumbled, running away to the only place where no one bothered him, his dorm. As he shut the door behind him, Bakugo said something to his but he didn't listen. He shut the door all the way and slipped on his headphones, music of full volume. He knew he ruined it. He always did.

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