Peter Parker Fan Fiction: Chapter 1
Peter Parker Fan Fiction: Chapter 1 stories

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What is Peter going to say?

Peter Parker Fan Fiction: Chapter 1

Background: Age:16 Father: Tony Stark Mother: Pepper Pots Friends: Peter, MJ, Ned Interests: Science

You were walking home when you saw Peter leaving The tower. You were confused as you have never seen him in the tower when you were not there. You decided to go ask your dad. You enter his lab and have to yell over his music. “Hey dad!” Your dad heard you snd stops the music and comes and gives you a hug. “How was your day?”

“It was good. Hey what was Peter doing here?” His face grew with worry. “Um... you should ask Peter I’m not sure he would like me to tell you.” “Um... ok” You our the door and over to Peters apartment. When you get there you knock on the door and his aunt answered.

“Hey aunt May! Is Peter here?” “Yeah he should be in his room.” You walk to his room and knock on the door. You heard some fumbling. “Hey Peter you in there?” He finally opened the door. “Hey y/n!” “Can I come in?” “Oh yeah sorry.” You walked in and sat down in the bottom bunk.

You decided to just ask him. “So Peter I was wondering what you were doing at Stark tower? I saw you leave. Not in a creepy way I promise! I was walking back.” You saw his face turn white as he sat down next to you. “What?” He turned so he was facing you.

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