Photography using your smartphone.
Photography using your smartphone. stories

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Photography using your smartphone.

Photography using your smartphone.

One of the most huge devices that we are using for every day social update is our smartphones.

Nowadays users are not just chats or sending messages in social media but also add some photos and video with different captions.

Including the self-portraits, foods, places, and even at the very moment activity.

For me, the advantages of having photos in every occasions is like collecting memories or stamping pictures in an album by simply using the camera on our smartphone either ios or androids user.

By just one or two click we captured every thing. It is easily to share, and to take a picture or angle of the photo you wanted.

If you are creative person, it also has applications that will help you to enhance more your photography. Example the vscocam apps, which will help to filter your photos before you upload it.

It's free. All you have to do is having good camera megapixel on your smartphone then you can capture everything that you want.

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