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mess Well my life is broken and messed up.
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Some scars are too hard to erase


The scars on her heart

Were deep and dark

For the knife that cut her

Was coated with lies

He asked her for forgiveness

And she openly did

But in return he called her a liar

Broke her heart into pieces

But she still wouldn't give up

She continued persuading him

Asking of him to take her back

One day he promised he did

The next he claimed she hurt him

Said she lied to him

But the truth was she never lied

She was his best friend

But he never realized that he let go of an angel

And she was tired of trying

She was left broken

And for the last time she tried

She held her broken heart in her hands

And begged of him to take her back

But he was blinded by his own pride

And failed to see the tears filled in her eyes

He said he won't

And she was left empty and cold

For her heart dropped from her fragile hands

Dead cold

And now she wouldn't let anyone into her soul

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