Save It
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messWell my life is broken and messed up..13
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Just save it! I'm done

Save It

By: mess

Save It!

I don't want to hear your apologies,

They don't suit your tongue,

I'm done listening to your pleadings,

Just Stop It!

Don't you get it?

I'm done!

I'm trying to push you away,

The same you did to me,

I'm trying to forget you,

Please let me.

I try not to look at you,

But baby you still make me hold my breath,

So Save It!

I'm done with you,

I've put too many efforts

To get you out of my head

You've shattered too many dreams

For me to let you in again.

I still love you,

But its fading bit by bit,

And I beg it to disappear,

But every time you appear,

Everything goes backwards.

So Save It!

I'm done with you,

I'm done with your fake promises,

And i don't want to see you again,

Trust me I'm being honest.

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