Mango Hearts and Sugarcane Sunsets
Mango Hearts and Sugarcane Sunsets shade stories

merrymuse Sunflower with her head up in clouds.
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Sunflower Musings:
when I think of the shade, I think of the hardworking farmers in the countryside who find rest beneath the mango trees...

Mango Hearts and Sugarcane Sunsets

Little boys who ran barefoot on the uncut grass

and climbed the neighbor's mango tree

would relish the long saunter of the constant sun.

But then they grew into stiff-necked farmers

who hastened before the daylight could even dare to greet them.

They learned to bow their heads

as the stream of light from the blazing sun found its way to them.

The smiles on their dark faces waning like last night's moon.

And soon, like their fathers before them,

they began to bend like lodged sugarcane.

No longer partaking in the harvest season,

they are taken to the side

where the mango trees welcome them once more.

And there, they close their eyes

as the sun takes their hand

to the land beyond the sunset.

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