Au Revoir Old Self
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merry I write and read words.
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Have you ever said goodbye... to your self?

Au Revoir Old Self

A poem to write

Just a little cite

I am human you see

From chaos of mind

Covet to be free

The perplexed soul

Heart is kind of hole

Strange to be stranger

To ourselves in present

Have you seen the old one?

I'm seating here along

Together with sorrow and woe

Beside the demon, whispering

Yet, still searching and looking

The place where I’m belong

Darkness is with me

Flowing within me

My favorite color is black

One thing can describe me

To me, life been suck

Fifth and last stanza

Me, a mess silhouette

Stuck on this misery

I’ll miss you but now

I’ll end this poem, solemnly

© Merry

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