The Girl in the Rain
The Girl in the Rain mystery girl stories

mermaidsyllia Community member
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She was a whirlwind, a tornado that tore up his life.

The Girl in the Rain

He could barely remember her now. It had been so long since she had entered his life in a whirlwind, and left in a whisper.

Even though her antics may have faded from his memory, he could still remember the day she had left.

She had asked for him to take her to the forest she so loved, and wouldn't stop until he agreed. When they arrived, it was pouring down rain. "The storm of the century", the radio had said.

He suggested they return home, but she replied with a simple "no". She led him to the edge of the woods, him underneath an umbrella while she allowed herself to be soaked to the bone.

She stood in front of the towering forest and glanced behind at him, then... vanished. He still wondered what had happened to her. Nobody normal could just disappear.

But she never was normal, was she?

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