When I Close My eyes ~
When I Close My eyes ~ 

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A reminiscence about a lover...

When I Close My eyes ~

When I close my eyes, I wish to think of an eternity of nothingness.

Instead I'm greeted by a vision so pure, it could engulf my griefs and fuel my passions I think of you.

Oh yes Darling; I think of you Not only the lighthearted and uplifting thoughts

But I often see you embedded in the back of my mind, continuously oscillating back and forth.

I can envision you still; in my deepest, darkest thoughts and in my moments of weakness It is at these times when I wish I could have your compassion

But instead I cry, cry, cry for you I wonder when did it fall apart so fast?

Was it then when it wasn't all fun and games anymore cause I had fallen in love? Wouldn't you agree to that darling?

When I close my eyes,

your presence still traces my mind

Trying to revive those times when I tried to keep you safe and warm When I hugged you till our eyes met or when you caged me by your charm

When I held you close till I drowned in your scent or till I lost myself to your enthralling eyes.

When I dreamt a thousand fantasies entailing our youth and otherwise.

All this while I hope you love me still cause honey; I can't let go and your loving is all I know.

I for one can still feel your light kisses teasing and poking from the back of my mind

When I close my eyes,

it reminds one of the memories of when you would let me call you 'mine' I just wanna feel the way we did that summer night.

To relive that rush, that love, that exhilaration and that arousal, again.

Oh! baby what wouldn't I do to recreate that sight I desire to steal soft kisses and hearty smiles from you under

the star-lit sky, just the way we did before Would it be too much to ask you to come back?

Wouldn't you dare to love me again to free misery from this tangled misery? For I'm still addicted to the way you call me 'yours'.

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