For @alientaetae's contest
For @alientaetae's contest bts stories
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A mythological / Historical fiction BTS oneshot for @alientaetae's contest.

For @alientaetae's contest

TITLE: MOTHER'S BLESSING BTS MEMBER: JEON JUNGKOOK GENRE: MYTHOLOGICAL / HISTORICAL FICTION (I hope you like it**) :)))))))----------------------------->

Mother’s Blessing~ “It has been brought to the Court’s attention that you have committed a crime, young lady.” Said the Man of the Highest Order, Consort De Karls.

“Ok. What exactly is my crime if I may ask?” inquired the girl. Barely 16 and she was forced to kneel on the ground in front of the whole village. Her hands tied at the back. Faint anxiety could be sensed. But her face gave away nothing.

“If you insist so. You were seen courting an outcast right outside the Shrine of Mother Serene.” “What’s the crime in that?”

‘’Your unfaithfulness towards the King’s orders and disgracing Mother Serene by going against her teachings. Seeing your courage, I suspect that you were very much aware of His Highness’s Decree for the-­­­­­--. What was it lowborn, commoners, free folk, or the gutter born?’’

For those of you who do not know about the Decree for the commoners: JEON JUNGKOOK Fireborn, the blood of old casters, fourth of his name, winner of the War of the Wardens, keeper of swords and KING OF MARCH ISLES

I expect the commoners to adhere to my rules and commands the same way they hold on to their worthless lives. 1. All maidens should be married at the ripe age of 17. 2. No man and woman should be seen together unless they are bound by blood or marriage.

3. No other religious teachings or philosophies should be preached, discussed, followed, or practiced other than that of Mother Serene. 4. Mingling with the outcasts is strictly forbidden.

Those who disobey these orders will not be forgiven. They will be suitably punished and depending upon the crime committed they might get a chance for repenting their sins in the MOTHER’S PROTECTION institution.

‘What do you expect me to do? Beg for forgiveness, admit to one of those stupid laws! You, these people, this kingdom, the King himself, not even that Goddess or Mother Serene can change my opinion,’ remarked Y/N.

“The devil has played his notorious game on this novice’s mind. He has destroyed her purity and her conscience completely. To bring her back to light we must do as our Mother used to say. So hereby, I ask you to choose.

Either you can sacrifice yourself at the stake or walk the Alley of Redemption and join the ‘Mother’s Protection’ for young maidens like you, who need to be freed off their sins. But before you choose Y/N you must remember that only those who confront themselves and confess their crimes can walk their path to salvation.”

“I do not think that I have made any mistake and so I will not beg or repent. I’d rather suffocate than spend even a moment as long as a minute in the same world as a wretched man as you and your phony men,” snarked Y/N.

“In the light of this conduct, I, the Man of the Highest Order command my comrades under the rightful King Jungkook and his three wives and Mother Serene, to condemn the filth that you are, off the land by staking. Let there be light where there is suffering and let there be Mother where it is evil and filth. The conduct shall now commence.”

Any last words?” She was hung at the stake and the sword was readied and given to the swordsman. “You are no man. You are just a puppet with weapons. And all you can do is-….”. some last bits were inaudible as the sword plunged her stomach. Her breathing stalled. There were rivers of scarlet.

Originating from her chest, flowing till the tip of her toe, and finally flooding the barren land. The men rejoiced and the women wept as she struggled to hold onto life. Deep down my conscience questioned the indemnity of life on this land and the series of unfortunate and cimmerian events.

Death came for her late. She was suffering and all I could wish for was to end it. But I did not dare to do that and so I turned around and walked away, just like everyone else.

THANKS FOR READING :) ______________________________>>>

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