Feigning Flutters 💞
Feigning Flutters 💞 love stories
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mermaid_motel Love the sound u make when u shut up :)
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Happy Valentine's Day

Feigning Flutters 💞

Filing around the fanatic fantasies Flunking 'bout our fluorescent futures Fringing the hems of floral funks Freezing fixes for fluctuating figures

Fixing frames with fancy faces Filling freedom with frigid flaws Freeing love with fiery fireworks Oh dear, ain't this a dainty start?

Heavy hearts and hazy highs Dandy days and dusky drives Sugary scents and sly smiles Easy enigmas and edgy eyes Oh dear, ain't this focus a federal crime?

Closer we embark Amongst the fragile sparks Falling from the start I'll follow my heart

Losing my mind I'm ready to unwind Hold onto my hand Amidst the frail strands Oh dear, ain't this the end we define?

Longing for your passion Looking for the dreams; Waiting for your answers Winging it by the seams;

Still, Intertwined as wholes Are the parts of our souls...

Thank you so much for reading <33 & Happy Valentine's Day to everyone 💓

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