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A personal fanfiction about being friends with Fred <3 :)

take me to the R o o f t o p

"You cant just wander off whenever you want Fred." Kelsey said quickly and quietly, striding behind Fred, whose red hair seemed to be glowing in the moonlight that swirled into the corridor they were heading down. “You didn't have to follow me, you shouldn't have if all you were gonna do was pester me about sneaking out.” Fred spat at her quietly to avoid being heard.

“I cant just let you act stupid, I have to be the friend that follows you and tells you NOT to be stupid.” She whispered towards him, matching his speed and now hurrying beside him. Fred looked at her “y’know, sometimes you REALLY get on my nerves” Fred whispered angrily. “Like you don't get on mine.” Kelsey grumbled quietly.

Kelsey followed him to the rooftop, where he sat down on a white,fluffy, heart printed blanket. Kelsey continued to stand and stare at him in awe “are you going to just stand there or are you going to sit down?” Fred scoffed, Kelsey sat down on the blanket quickly “this is so beautiful.” Kelsey said in awe as she looked up at the star filled sky. The stars and moon seemed luminous, like the were the nights only light.

Fred mumbled something under his breath, but Kelsey continued to stare up at the luminous stars. She didn't know how they sat there in silence, what she did know was that if she had the option, she would stare at the beautiful starry night for the rest of her life. Time felt slowed as she observed every constellation she could, she snapped back into reality when Fred said “you okay there funsize?”

Kelsey jumped slightly, as the silence was replaced with Freds soft yet rough voice, it had startled her. She quickly shook her head “yeah..yeah im fine, just looking at the sky.” Kelsey said in response. Fred glared at her with his equally red eyebrows scrunched together, with a face of suspicion mixed with confusion.

“Yeah it's pretty great up here isn't it, I come up here to observe and have time to myself at least once a week.” Fred said softly, Kelsey gazed at him “you come up here by yourself all the time?” Kelsey asked guilty, suddenly feeling terrible that she had interrupted Freds preferred alone time.She sighed quietly.

“I used to until you ruined that, '' Fred said, smiling softly and playfully giving a light punch to her forearm. She blushed out of guilt, that was one thing you could always look at, her cheeks, if she was blushing; then she probably felt some kind of upset.

“Look, I'm just kidding, I'm not exactly glad that someone interrupted my scheduled alone time and my spot… but if anything I'm glad youre the one who ruined it.” Fred said quietly, Kelsey avoided his gaze “shut up you softie” she said smiling widely. Fred rolled his eyes and wrapped an arm around her shoulder “plus now, this entire roof is our playground.'' Fred said “and the entire sky is yours to observe."

he added, using his free arm to motion upwards to the bright night sky. Kelsey smiled softly. “I like that,” she said, laying backwards against the roof to look up at the luminous sky.

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