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a personal fanfiction of me n' Neville planting a mini garden together <3

our small garden

Kelsey watched quietly as Neville patted down the soil over the Hollyhock seeds they had just planted. She listened to the sound of his fainting humming as he continued to plant and cover various types of seeds, mostly of the yellow and red colors.

“I appreciate the idea, but out of all people to plant a garden with, why did you ask me?” Kelsey asked him with a confused look on her face. Neville turned to her, “Because you're my best friend and I wanted to make my garden with someone who's special to me.” He stated it like it was a fact.

Kelsey's heart surged with joy, he turned back to the seeds and covered them in the dark soil, Kelsey continued to listen to his soft humming.

When the garden was full of all the plants Neville wanted in it. They both stood up and brushed the dirt of their knees, Kelsey had planted all the yellow colored or close to yellow plants such as a california poppy, a Lily of the Incas, a Hollyhock, with teacup succulents planted around the bigger plants in a heart, or at least what she hoped would look like a heart shape when they were grown.

Neville had set his half of the garden up more neatly, His planted flowers and succulents planted in pristine horizontal rows of three. They observed the garden standing side by side, in silence for a brief moment,

before Neville broke the silence by saying “see I knew you were the perfect person to plant a garden with, your side, the colors of our flowers with contrast each other and bring out the others colors''

Kelsey looked at him, “would you believe me if I told you I've never done this before… I mean I've always thought about it, and I know Hufflepuffs are supposed to love plants and stuff, but I've never really got into it like this.” Kelsey said with a faint smile towards the curly headed, lanky, taller, buck toothed boy.

She admired his hair, she wished she could cut hers and it look like that. He gave her a soft, buck toothed smile. That was one of the things that she also loved about Neville, his teeth, he was always smiling with his teeth, even though he was very insecure about them. She completely admired him for the bravery he had to use just to be able to smile everyday.

“I've always loved gardening, my nan thinks its stupid, and that a boy shouldn't garden, thats its a womans job” Neville said quietly, Kelsey scrunched her eyebrows closer together and pursed her lips “thats idiotic, gardening isnt even feminine, even if it was, I dont see why it would matter.” she said.

Neville gave her another buck toothed smile, the smiles where it showed his buck teeth were the ones she loved, and she has explained this to him many times before. “Looks like you're a natural at this.” Neville stated, motioning to the garden with his arm.

Kelsey gave a soft smile and a hard single nod, “what can I say, it's my inner Hufflepuff.” Kelsey said, giving the taller boy a toothy grin. Neville smiled back. “C’mon let's go get some food after all that hard work, i'm starving” Kelsey said Neville smiled and nodded following beside her as they walked into the great hall.

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