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What happens now is a problem

The thrive

What happens now is a problem

constant games between a men and a woman

costant cries and lack of satisfaction

its not a place nor a situation

its a piece of work , but it doesn't pay well

leave the dreams behind, because the reality hits unexpected

stay where you are

somewhere there they are still fighting

so it come full circle

and history is repeating itself

somewhere there, they are praying and weeping and praying and weeping

So where are we now

is quite complex

face can fake a smile but cannot hide an internal despise

rather than a gun you lift a word

and the word triggers bloodshed

follows blindly what they say

plugged into a different game

wickedness and depravity allied with silence and morality

and whats left , violence?

a mother, a child , a father , a girl , a boy ?

the gun , the word, religion and the mind control?

and hate and hate and you hate more

and sex and money and power and fame

and whimper and grieve

but wait

its not me ,

its not my destiny

its not my family

its not my will or purpose

and numbers and numbers

statistics, statistic

the echo of silence

and silence remains.

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