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mercurialbuddha A small speck of dust in the universe.
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A jab at the mighty machine of religious brain-washing faced by bthe world today.


It's a topic close to my heart,

a constant in my weird mind,

since I remember I could think,

A constant wherever you go

from Shangri-la to Timbuktu.

A magical glue,

capable of binding the masses.

Here comes the question to ponder upon,

how can something that can bring people together,

motivate them to slit the throats of fellow earthly travellers?

WHY? I ask in bold,

you say your religion is perfect and the greatest

and proclaim me a non-believer

I ask you, dear sirs and madams,

how can violence ever be great?

how can division ever be great?

I have carried this burden way too long

and its time to spit it out

I may hurt a few people,

but truth only hurts the people,

with blinds over their eyes,

refusing to perceive the truth staring at their face.

Religion is a system,

a man-made device,

and anything made with thine hands

has thine flaws.

Every religion points us in the direction of the one,

Allah, Jesus, Krishna -- the names are not the point

they could have been Mohammed, Sally, Rajesh for humanity's sake!

The one thing I am sure of is a superior power,

To whom I look up to fill my soul with strength and peace,

whom I look up to in my darkest hours.

Stop burning and massacring each other,

under the commands of few mighty and wealthy,

who brainwash you and manipulate the flaws of the system.

Your religion is not superior nor is your God,

The God is one and you all are the members of different groups,

taking the journey to a common destination.

Don't believe the sham of the religious cons

and let your soul lead the way to your destination.

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