Wake Me With a Kiss
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merasampson Community member
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Wake Me With a Kiss

by merasampson

I drink coffee like some people smoke cigarettes

Cup after cup, chain sipping, seeking the caffeine and the sweet.

I know without it my brain might fall asleep.

I tell my coffee before I purse the mug to my lips, "Wake me with a sip."

I love you like some people love cigarettes...

Kiss after kiss, chain kissing, seeking the possibilty of love and the idea of being swept off my feet.

I know without it,

without your love, my heart might fall asleep

I tell your heart, just before I pucker my lips , "Wake me with a kiss."

It comes out as a whisper.

Silent in the empty space between our hearts

Somehow I understand that you heard it anyway.

Somehow with you, I don't just sleep,

I dream.

And when I wake...

It's always with a kiss.

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