Love is just amusing
           Love is just amusing  amusement stories

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A poem about failed love and how amusing love can be, even if it's a sad love story.

Love is just amusing

Do you really think I laugh because its fun to me?

If you don't, just let it be.

But if you do, you should listen now.

Because I'm about to explain why and how.

Once upon a time, I don't remember when,

I thought I would have a love life just like Barbie and Ken,

but instead I found you.

You made me feel like someone new.

You made me believe in love. But then you left me all alone

and I suddenly felt something unknown.

It was there just like anger and hate, saved me from tears

and it chased away all my deepest fears.

It was pure amusement.

It lay over me like a blanket and protected me like a tent.

The hole situation and how naive I was to believe in love was just amusing to me.

I know this is not how it's supposed to be.

And I'm sorry if you thought I wasn't serious.

But I was.

And now I'm curious,

was it amusing for you too?

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