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3 am

by meraki

it's now 3 am and i'm choking back the tears and the smoke

i'm holding cigarettes in my hand. one at a time i smoke away all the pain and i drink back all the memory's with a bottle of vodka.

i'm sitting on the edge of a bridge, not caring if i fall.

just one last drop of vodka and i'm done.

i chug and chug until i can't feel the back of my throat from the burning vodka.

i take one last puff, and i'm falling. falling to my death.

but most of all, falling to end all the late night phone calls..

stealing your warm sweaters...

the endless cuddling...

your smooth lips...

and more importantly,

your love for me.

but that's the thing, you don't love me anymore, that's why i don't care that i'm falling to my death.

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