Fear and desire
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meowne Red lipsticks and bloody knives
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A romance of love and lies.

Fear and desire

by meowne

He sees her on a Sunday,

With long legs and a beautiful smile, her curly hair tangling in the breeze.

He loves her,

When he sees her drop a twenty to a woman on the street, when she pauses to help a lost child find her mother.

She sees him on a Tuesday,

He's tall and muscled, a charming smile and tattoos along one arm. He waves to her from his position by the door.

She falls in fascination on a Friday,

wondering where he came from, seeing how he stops traffic to make sure a family of ducklings get across safely.

He think's shes perfection,

And one day he gathers the courage to walk across the street, and ask for a date.

She think's he's amazing,

When for their third date he takes her stargazing and tells her stories late into the night.

It's love,

And they stare into each other's eyes and whisper those three words.

He proposes on a Sunday,

and she gasps yes to a ruby and a diamond in the shape of a heart.

He works late nights, the midnight shift on Fridays

And she worries when she smells faint whispers of perfume on his collars.

She has early mornings,

And he feels the chill of the bed when he rolls over.

There's a stain on the hem of his pants,

It's a dark brown one that crumbles away.

There's a body found,

Floating face down in the river and she gasps with a white face. and he learns it was a classmate of hers.

He locks his bottom drawer,

And she wonders why and hears him unlock it at night.

She writes her heart out in a journal she locks and hides,

beneath the loose floorboard in the closet downstairs.

She hears reports of another body,

A serial killer, whisper people at her work and she hears the name of a boy she knew years ago.

He looks at her at night,

sees her chest rising and falling as she breathes deeply.

There are knives missing from the kitchen,

And she feels her pulse rushing as she panics.

They find her next to him,

Two matching stab wounds, hers through a diary and her heart. His, through their rings.

It's a closed case,

He loved her too much and it was too late when he realized the truth.

She was his only victim,

and he would have been her last.

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