Hufflepuff At Hogwarts 🍋🌼 (Chapter 5)
Hufflepuff At Hogwarts 🍋🌼

(Chapter 5) hufflepuff stories

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Sorry for the short chapter, but I wanted sorting to be a separate one :-) Sorry for the spam ahaha. But hope you enjoy!

Hufflepuff At Hogwarts 🍋🌼 (Chapter 5)

The train ride had made Bea completely forget her excitement about Hogwarts, but when a Ravenclaw prefect had come in saying they should change into robes, it all came flooding back to her.

Years and years of excitement and anticipation had built up to this moment, and Bea felt as though she was about to explode.

'I- I actually can't believe that we're actually going to Hogwarts. HOGWARTS!' Screamed Bea. Pip's grin had returned, and he was taking his trunk down.

'We're actually going to do magic! Like real actual magic! I'm so excited!'

Both Bea and Pip had their trunks down and were wearing their robes, prepared to get off instantly. Eventually, the train stopped, and Bea and Pip were shaking with excitement.

The hallway was flooded with all ages of witches and wizards, and it was extremely loud. Bea edged her way towards an exit and finally burst through.

The cool evening air burned her face and she was hopping on the spot, unsure of where to go but unable to stay still. 'Firs' years this way! Firs' years!'

Bea skipped towards the bellowing voice. She found a horde of people the same age of her, gathered around an enormous man holding a lantern.

His face was shrouded in hair, but black, beetle-like eyes glinted behind it. They weren't unkind, he looked friendly, and Bea was relieved. She wasn't sure where Pip had gone, but the only thing in her mind was adrenaline and elation.

'Righ' everyone here?' The man looked around and nodded to himself. He led the way to a rocky patch of ground next to a still, glassy lake.

A fleet of rickety wooden boats were floating, each with a lantern attached to the bow.

First years piled on to boats, and Bea ended up with the rude girl from before, a tall, lanky boy with freckles and blonde hair, and a friendly-looking girl with curly, black hair.

'Forward!' Yelled the giant man, and the boats magically sailed forwards. Bea looked at the far-off silhouettes of islands covered in trees, but heard a sudden gasp from the boats. Bea turned around and gasped as well.

A colossal castle towered over them, standing on a tall cliff.

The size was nothing compared to its beauty, vines were growing everywhere, turrets and towers galore, balconies decorated with house colours, stunning stained glass, it truly looked as though a fairytale had become real. The fleet of boats carried on, everyone looking at the castle in awe.

Eventually they passed through a curtain of ivy, and entered a brick tunnel. Some boats were conversing about sorting or the castle, but the one Bea was on was silent.

The black-haired girl had tried to start a conversation but the rude girl had glared her down. The awkward aura only lasted for a minute, because they had reached an underground harbor.

'Righ' let's go up to get yer up to the castle!'

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