Hufflepuff At Hogwarts 🍋🌼 (Chapter 2)
Hufflepuff At Hogwarts 🍋🌼

(Chapter 2) hufflepuff stories

meowden A Hufflepuff mess
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Woo it's chapter 2!! And yes in my head-canon electronics work at Hogwarts and I know they don't in canon but IT OPENS UP SO MANY STORY OPPORTUNITIES SO shhhhhhhhhh ;)

Hufflepuff At Hogwarts 🍋🌼 (Chapter 2)

Bea stood up and opened her curtains. On one side of her room, there was a large, industrial window that covered most of the wall. This gave her the view of a small glade, which looked very out of place as it was in the middle of a tiny alley.

The other window was much smaller, and it shone onto a cobbled street. The street was lined with traditional English townhouses.

Bea smiled, thinking that in just a day, when she looked out of her windows it would instead be a view to the tranquil Hogwarts grounds!

She shot down the stairs and put a piece of bread into the toaster. 'Hey Bea, how'd you sleep?' Asked Bea's mother, who was sipping an instant coffee and scrolling through her emails on her laptop.

'Eh, fine.' Bea grabbed her now toasted toast and slathered on honey. 'D'you need some help packing?' 'No, I made a list so I should be fine.'

'Awesome. Maybe you will be in Ravenclaw like your Dad. I forget, did you say you had a preference for houses?' Asked her mum, looking up from her emails.

'Uh, not really.' Said Bea, and took a bite of her toast. 'Has Dad gone to work?' 'Mhm.'

Bea walked over to the staircase and grabbed her trunk out. Once it was up to her bedroom, Bea consulted her list. She had created it the second she had got all of her things from Diagon Alley, and she was glad she did.

Three hours were spent folding clothes and making sure that everything was immaculately organised and ready for Hogwarts. Her phone, laptop, and switch lite were all charged to 100 percent and ready to go.

These and some interesting books were packed in an old rucksack covered in pins and patches to keep Bea occupied on the train.

The rest of the 31st of August was filled with a long walk enjoying her town, baking scones with her mother, eating said scones with her mother, and even more reading.

At 8:12pm, Bea's father arrived home. The entire family was sitting together in the living room, everyone in pyjamas after their dinner.

'We're really going to miss you Bea,' said her father. This came at Bea as a surprise, usually her father was never sentimental. 'Well I'll miss you guys heaps too. But I'll write to you, and you can call me whenever.'

Silence followed, but it was broken by Bea's father. 'Are you all packed and ready?' 'Yep.' 'Well then. Get ready for your first year at Hogwarts!'

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