Hufflepuff At Hogwarts 🍋🌼 (Chapter 1)
Hufflepuff At Hogwarts 🍋🌼

(Chapter 1) oc stories

meowden A Hufflepuff mess
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The first chapter of my fanfiction! This is an alternate universe, so the canon HP story isn't in this fanfic :-) Enjoy!

Hufflepuff At Hogwarts 🍋🌼 (Chapter 1)

Bea was extremely excited. In two days she would be at Hogwarts. HOGWARTS! It was a renowned wizarding school and she had been waiting to go there for years.

Her father was a wizard, her mother a muggle, so while she had known she was a witch since she was small, she still had to go to muggle school and pretend as though she was one of them.

For the past month though, her parents had allowed her to stay home and study magic. The entire month of August had been filled with more learning than two years at muggle school.

At breakfast, out for a walk, brushing her teeth, as long as she wasn't in the shower (which she disliked so this was a rare occasion), Bea was reading.

She was currently trying to sleep. Key word: trying. She was so pumped up, because tomorrow would be the day before Hogwarts. The day before she became a wizard. The day before she became a person.

She never really felt like she was much of a person without magic.

She wasn't pretty, she wasn't smart, she wasn't amazing at art, or music, or anything really. The only thing that made her feel like she was a person was magic.

It made her feel alive, to know that there was something bigger than herself controlling the entire universe, that everything was entwined with a mythical force, a force that no muggle could truly comprehend.

After a tedious three minutes of turning around and changing sleeping positions, Bea decided to give up and just read. An hour and three chapters later, Bea's brain had finally shut up.

A heavy sleep drowned her within the minute.

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