Hufflepuff At Hogwarts 🍋🌼 (Chapter 3)
Hufflepuff At Hogwarts 🍋🌼 (Chapter 3) oc stories

meowden A Hufflepuff mess
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This chapter is more about exploring Bea's personal feelings, and it's kind of messy ahaha. I might edit it later because of that, but anyway here's chapter 3 :-)

Hufflepuff At Hogwarts 🍋🌼 (Chapter 3)

'Are you sure?' 'Yes, don't worry. Me and your mother will come right after you,' said Bea's father.

Bea looked at the barrier. It looked extremely solid. She was glad that she had a wizard father, she wouldn't have known how to get onto platform 9 3/4 otherwise.

She had wondered how the muggle-borns would have known, but the only thing she was wondering currently was what bones she was about to break.

She backed up; her trolley with her trunk and rucksack in line with the barrier.

'Okay. Here goes...'

She ran at the barrier, her eyes open, waiting for the crash, but instead, her trolley simply melted into the barrier. She couldn't comprehend it. She carried on running and a second later instead of seeing a normal brick wall, she was on a giant platform.

There were hundreds of people and parents, owls were soaring above everyone, cats hissing at each other and getting cuddles from strangers. Bea instantly knew that this was where she belonged.

All ages of witches and wizards conversed and loaded their luggage onto the train, some in robes, some in muggle clothes. Bea rolled the trolley forward, looking back at the barrier.

Her parents came through seconds later, and her mother was just as awed. Bea's father helped load her trunk onto the train, and Bea shouldered her rucksack. It was 10:58, and everyone was saying their last goodbyes.

'Love you guys,' said Bea, hugging her parents. 'Be good,' said Bea's father, ruffling her hair. 'Have fun honey,' said Bea's mother.

Bea squirmed out of the hug and ran onto the train, and looked out the window. 'Bye!' 'We love you! Call us tomorrow!'

The train started up, and slowly chugged out of the station. Bea carried on waving to her parents, but eventually they disappeared.

Bea walked along the compartments, looking for an empty one, but they were all full. One second to the end only had one person inside, and he looked like another first year.

'Um, sorry but could I sit here?' 'Of course!' Smiled the boy. He had short hair, dark brown hair that was extremely messy, and he was short. He had a book and a mechanical pencil in his lap that he had just looked up from.

Bea sat down on the opposite seat, and looked out of the window. After a few minutes of watching the towns fade into the countryside, Bea opened her rucksack and got out her switch lite. The boy watched as she turned it on, and his face lit up with a smile.

'You're muggleborn too? I was worried that I would be the only one!' 'Well, technically I'm half-blood... but er, yeah?'

'Still, I was just worried that I'd be the only one that knows about... y'know, muggle stuff. What games do you play?' He said, nodding to Bea's switch. Bea blinked. He was extremely friendly, and Bea wasn't used to people enjoying her company.

'Uh, a mix.' Bea shifted in her seat, feeling as though her brain had shut down. She adjusted her sweatshirt's sleeves. 'But mostly Animal Crossing, I guess.' 'Awesome, I love New Horizons!'

Bea smiled awkwardly. It wasn't that she didn't like the boy, she was just... overwhelmed. She hadn't ever fit in with the other kids at school.

Not because they didn't like her or bully her, in fact a few people had asked if she wanted to be friends. But all of the times she had said no.

Something in her just didn't want other people seeing who she really was. Relying on people just... didn't feel right. Like she was going to hurt them.

Bea ignored the memories of sad faces that had been rejected a friendship, and she instead plugged in her headphones.

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