Preparing For Anything
Preparing For Anything romance stories

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There is a popular guy in school. Your mind will tell you that you adore for his popularity and fame. But what about in his mind?

Preparing For Anything

There was a certain boy in college. A very wise, talented, and intelligent one to be exact.

His appearance is well styled and can catch anyone’s attention quiet easily.

Guys and girl who see him adore his background as he’s a captain of many sports, has the kindest heart, and willing to do whatever it takes to help.

“Hey hey look! It’s that guy you’re talking about! I’ve heard about your feelings for him. Why don’t you go and talk with him?” These words are common to a lowly girl who always have the same class as his and wanting to share feelings.

The boy’s popularity was sky high and no other students can reach the same. He always gets response from his friends, lovers, and family, that they always loved him

Until one bright morning in a weather where people will most likely go outside. The boy decides to go outside.

He watches the guys and girls as they walk slowly to their destinations, the elders who enjoys the weather, and the pets that scramble around their owner for entertainment. But something else was missing from him.

The lowly girl sees the boy across his direction and attempted to reach out for him on a perfect day like this. The boy walked away back to his home. The lowly girl surprised decided to come after him.

The store owners wave their hands at the boy with a big smile on their faces as he passes by and the cafe visitors take a quick look at him before they look back. It seemed like he’s really popular around this time.

The boy makes it back to his old, dark, and cramped home. He searches for something in his pile of papers and books. The lowly girl finds the boy’s home and peeks into his window. The boy was holding onto something as he looks up to see the lowly girl.

The boy smiles and with a gun in his head as he pulls the trigger.

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