From Ground to Air
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In order to be great at flying, you gotta start off on the ground.

From Ground to Air

I was inside a garage. Working like I had no choice. I was building something for myself and for my own good.

It was a beautiful shiny new plane with seats that can only fit one or two people. It had a decal of a cartoon shark drawn onto one of it’s sides.

But it wasn’t fully complete as it still has missing parts here and there. However, I still wanted to fly it as soon as I can.

On a beautiful sunset afternoon, I decided to take my creation and take it too the air. Pumped in the fuel, checked to see any flaws, and I was set to go.

As I made the wings spiral, I managed to get my plane to go down the hill. Fast paced and no control, I forgot the handlebars for it.

I helplessly watch myself as my plane shoots up from the tiny ramp I set up. I knew that I can’t stay in the air forever, I can only go back down.

With a loud crash and crumble, I tumbled out of the broken glass and steel that has scattered everywhere. I was shocked and didn’t understand the reason. But I know that something needs a bit more fixing.

I cleaned up the area with all the steel junk and proceeded to build another plane. I realized that flying is hard and creating a plane that can fly is hard too. But I should remember that my brain I used, to test out a plane I never tried, also needed some fixing as well.

“Back to the bottom again” I said to myself. Still in my garage. Working like I had no choice. I am sure that I’ll be building something for myself and for my own good.

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