Falling Down
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The tree’s leaves must fall eventually. It’s a natural thing for it to do. Maybe

Falling Down

It was a beautiful day, the cool breeze slowly rises and everyone started to wear coats to keep them warm.

The trees had their own schedules to keep when the cold arrives. They must make their leaves fall.

Each and every leaves are careless about what the tree decides and will do whatever it can do.

As cold air rises into the branches and leaves. The colors starts to drain from a bright green into a dark orange and brown.

One by one the leaves fall down from their spots. It was only time before they can all fall.

One leaf didn’t wanted to fall down. It wanted to stay on it’s branches with the tree as long as it can.

Other leaves whispered to the single leaf. “Just fall down, it’ll be alright there. It’s normal to fall down” It resisted as much as it can before seeing more leaves fall down.

The leaf stood in it’s place as the cold turned into snow. The air was unbearable for a leaf to even stick around for too long.

It keeps hearing the other leave’s whispers. “Come fall down with us, you’ll be ok” These whispers continue as the leaf stays in it’s place.

A hard breeze blows across the sleeping tree. The leaf loses it’s grip and falls.

It felt different. It felt strange but peaceful. As the leaf fell, more whispers can be heard from the very bottom. “You did it, now come die with us together” The leaf realizes it’s fate and kept falling.

The leaf had landed on the hard cold dirt. It’s dry body feels the other leave’s decomposing body. It laid there waiting for the time to come before it decomposes along with the rest.

It felt like forever. But the leaf can feel the warm sun beaming on him. It noticed that it was back on the tree. Sighed in relief, the cold air rised again as the warm sun gets blocked off

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