The Guardian Angel - Chapter One. The city looks so small from above. The people are so small, running around to have money, success, or just to have a happy life. For them fortune is the answer, for me it was never the answer. I've seen a lot of different life colors through my past life. However, now I
The Guardian Angel - Chapter One.

The city looks so small from above. The people are so small, running around to have money, success, or just to have a happy life. For them fortune is the answer, for me it was never the answer. I've seen a lot of diff... thriller stories

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Chapter One of “The Guardian Angel”!
Hope you enjoy it ♥️
P.S. you can find up to chapter seven on Wattpad, but I will keep posting chapter by chapter here like that 😊

The Guardian Angel - Chapter One. The city looks so small from above. The people are so small, running around to have money, success, or just to have a happy life. For them fortune is the answer, for me it was never the answer. I've seen a lot of different life colors through my past life. However, now I

can only see the color of gold and shimmery life. Sometimes I wish I could have stayed who I am, just Liz, did I make the wrong decision to be back to this life? "Ms, we are here." The pilot's voice in my ears interrupted my thoughts. I adjusted myself and waited for the helicopter to land on the roof of the building. I kept waiting till it was clear

for my assistant to approach the helicopter, then the doors opened and got on my feet. Walking with Mandy by my side tapping some keys on the tablet and mumbling something about the day's meeting but I still couldn't shake the idea from my head. Did I really choose the wrong life? Today means that I am officially the heiress of this family, if it

wasn't for my brother's sickness I wouldn't be here in the first place. That's when I remembered why I took this life back in the first place. I am doing this for him, for my little brother. He has done this for me to have the life I want to live, when it was me who should be in this hell hole. He shouldn't be sick in the first place, it should have been me. He's

sick because of this family, this company, this legacy. "Ms. Carter, are you ok? I heard it was a success back there. Something's wrong?" Mandy is looking at me concerned, I think she should've been talking to me for sometime now while I am lost in my thoughts. "Oh. Yes, Yes. It was even more successful than I thought. I am sorry, you

were saying?" I asked keeping the perfect humble smile, hoping she would not push any further on this matter. We reached the elevator by then and I was grateful that it has arrived breaking the tension. However, she locked her eyes with mine for a moment before getting into the elevator. "I was just talking about the

board meeting this afternoon. I wanted to let you –" "I want to see my brother." I interrupted her. She looked at me, not happy. I know, but don't know if it's for the fact that I just interrupted her or that I want to see my brother. "I am sorry, miss. But I am afraid, you can't." Now I am not happy with this.

"And why is that?" I asked her with my eyebrow shot up high, daring here to say one more word. "It's Chairman's order, miss." She answered without even looking at my eyes. Orders. I am now so close from punching her in the face with my fists clenched by my side. I took a deep breath and hoped that this might get the chairman's

attention. "If I don't see my brother before that meeting, tell the chairman I am not interested in this show whatsoever." I looked at her with eyes on fire and smile of the devil and just left her looking at my back while I walked to the car.

I have only seen my brother twice since I came to this cirques. I swear that my life as a guardian angel wasn't that crazy as it is here. Maybe because I wasn't the main character in the past lives I guarded. I wonder what my guard is thinking of my life. I wonder if they are already in my life or not yet into it. I wonder more of who are they. I sighed as the

car pulled over the hospital's doors. I waited until the dirver opened the door for me. I suddenly have the feeling of going back, maybe father was right. Every time I remember seeing my brother on that bed or in that wheelchair I die on the inside. I feel like a knife is twisting in my heart. I guarded many lives, saved even more, but I couldn't

protect my little brother. I took a deep breath and pulled up a smile, maybe now is the time to save his life. Maybe it's not too late. Even though this way harder than fighting and shooting guns to keep him safe, but I am willing to do anything for him so I can see his smile, hear his voice calling my name every time I walk this room. I didn't

realize that I already reached his room's door until I just stood in front of it. Room 503. The door opened and a nurse came out, smiled at me politely and left the door opened for me to get in. I took a glimpse of my brother on the wheelchair facing the window with the sunshine before him. Such a perfect picture. I wonder if it can

last forever, just watch him like this, relieved, happy, looking at the window for the first time smiling, unlike I used to visit him back with him standing by his office's windows with dull skin, tired eyes and always worried. "You are back!" He turned around, beaming at me. "I am back. Miss me?" I walked over to him and sat on the ground across him

looking at him like it's the first time. It's always the first time, whenever I came to visit him over the past years he was always shocking me with how much he grew up. It was always on his birthday and only for 3 minutes. As i was only allowed to disappear from the grid for that much. I know too many years about different people's life, but

only 18 minutes in total about my brother's for the past years. He is the only family I really know about since our mother's death. My father and I grew apart since she passed away. Only Eric is what's keeping us connected and off course the legacy, family name, and the blood.

He is for me Chairman Carter and I am the daughter he lost 6 years ago, until today. "I bet you are the one who missed me after spending the afternoon with those poker face business men." He winked at me. "Oh, yes. I missed you so much." I mockingly cried and hugged him.

I can feel his breath and hear his laugh, that's when I know I really missed him. "Hey." He stopped laughing and I pulled back and looked at him. He looked at me as if he is searching for something. "It's today, isn't it?" He asked and I nod. "You sure you want to do this? I promise as soon as I am out of here, I will- "

"You are not going anywhere near that place again after you are out of here. I am here now, Eric. As soon as you don't want to be there, no one is going to make you go there. That's it." I looked at him for reassuring but his eyes softened and a smile of relieve found it's way on his face. Somehow, it filled my heart with regret and

satisfaction. I think my goal now is to see more of these smiles as long as I am here, maybe Mum is seeing us now. "Hey, Liz. Did you-" the door knocked and a man in a black suit appeared by the door. "Miss, I am afraid we should get going now." He said. "I'll be right there." He said and closed the door behind

him and I faced my brother again. "You should go. Father won't be happy if you were late to the coronation ceremony." He mocked and I frowned. "Promise me you will take good care of yourself until I am back." I got up on my feet again.

"I will. Take care, Liz." He said and we both know what he meant. "I will." I let my hand out of his and pat his shoulders, memorizing his face once again. He really grew up, a lot. Was it just the years or what it bared? I let the thought out of my head immediately and put up a smile on my face and walked to the door.

"How was it?" Father asked. A sarcastic laugh escaped my lips. "Oh, god. Don't tell me that you really mean it." I said sitting on the chair across him. "If you really want to know. It was a living hell. Satisfied?" I answered him and sat back studying his expression but as usual. Nothing.

"Good, because it's not going to be easy for you here neither." He got up and started walking toward the window behind me. My eyes followed him as much as they could. "I know." I shrugged. I mean it's a fact, isn't it? He stayed silent for seconds until he spoke again. "Did you find it?" His tone changed.

I knew what he meant and I couldn't figure out if it's regret or guilt in his tone. However I decided to play along. "What?" I got up and faced his face, both hands on the desk supporting me, or trying to keep me calm. I pulled that silly smile on my face. He looked back at me. Cluelessly. Thankfully he decided to drop it.

"I just hope you learnt your lesson." He muttered the words and just stormed out of the room. As soon as the door was shut, I couldn't keep my anger anymore. I punched the desk. "Woooh! Relax, dude. You still need these babies." A man appeared from the far dark corner of the room and I was ready for a fight until I

saw his face. Zack. "You know your neck might have been broken by now? What in heaven's name are you doing here?" I think I might be actually grateful for seeing a friendly face other than my brother's in that chaotic day. "I wanted to check on you, princess. And I am glad I did. I think you were seconds from punching the old man."

He pointed at my fist. I let out a breath to relax my tense muscles and went over to the mini-bar across the room and handed him a cup of coffee. He took it and had a sip. "So, from one to ten. How crazy is it?" He fell into the sofa and crossed his legs. I sat on the chair across him and put my head in my hands for a second then

looked back at him. Zack has been my secret keeper, my backbone and the friend I could trust my life with, we both were to each other. We knew each other in such hard times, thankfully, the hardships made our bond stronger unlike most of us. Whenever we fought we would end up again knocking each other

shoulder and getting back on track. Unlike some partners would just let their partner or shadow die so they can be the lead in the case and have a follow. We worked together for years since I stepped into this world, I guess. He knows everything about me and so do I. He is just like me so we got along surprisingly well.

"How did you survive this for all this time, Zack? I mean I have guarded people in this life, but never imagined myself to be back one of them. It just doesn't make sense." I started walking across the room, frustrated. "Hey." When I looked back, he was already on his feet. "Remember, that's your life. Sooner or later you were

going to be back. Maybe sooner than planned but that was how it was supposed to go. Besides you get to see your family again." Zack lost his parents when he was young and lost his sister the year he joined the group because of her guardian angel. Therefore, he decided to be one himself. "No one deserves to suffer the lose of their

beloved one just because they trusted their lives to the wrong person." He said. "You're right and you're already leaving." I frowned and fell to the nearest chair to me. "I might not be able to be your guardian angel but I will always be there for you. Will come back. Promise." He winked at me and before I could say another word he

just disappeared to thin air. I sighed and looked at his cup of coffee. The only evidence that he was really here. Somehow, I kind of feel how my brother felt when I used to pop up at his office like that. "Miss, aren't you leaving?"I looked up and Mandy is by the office's door. "No, Mandy. You may get

going." I told her and she did. I am now all alone with all the papers, numbers, and darkness of the night. The truth is, I don't want to go back to that house, not after all that happened. It won't be easy to sleep there. I waited until all the employees are gone and I left the building. I went to the parking lot and opened my car, that was when I

noticed a shadow behind me in the mirrors. I looked back but it was already gone. A lot will be following these days, I know. Although, I am secretly wishing it's the ones who aimed for my brother before who would be following me this time. I would love a face-to-face meeting with them. Knowing that I am definitely not going home, I let the

engine roar and lead me to anywhere, but not home. As I am about to take the next turn a car hit me. I hit my head, and all I could see before I blacked out was a man approaching my car door in a hurry.

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