"Why are you so quite?"
"Why are you so quite?" stories

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basically just an answer to question everyone seems to love asking me

"Why are you so quite?"

Every time I start school I've always been asked that

even when its been 3/4 of the year I can still get asked that question

but lets get back to the point

I'm gonna answer that question here and now

The reason I'm quiet

even while I am sometimes just quite by nature

Is, because I see no reason behind talking most of the time

After all if I talk you wont listen

if I speak my words will mean nothing to you

you'll probably just forget I said anything in the first place

besides in the end I'm probably just gonna say something dumb

and you honestly couldn't care less about what I have to say

If you did you'd know I love talking especially to those who listen.

and of course sometimes I just need silence

but a good amount of the time I love talking.

so there's your answer to question you keep asking.

and before I stop

I'd like to address the whole thing where you get excited when I speak to you for the first time

I'd doesn't make me any happier about talking

if anything it makes me feel like a freak

I mean seriously you act like its some kind of trophy when you get me to speak

well I think I'm done here

after all I'v written enough words that will never get uttered.

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