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Who I am. I guess

Who I Really Am.

No more lies

No more avoiding

No more tricking

I’m gonna say who I truly am without my emotions getting in the way

Here goes everything

I’m not sad

But I’m not happy either

I’m kinda both

Listen to the song youth by glass animals and you’ll get what I’m saying.

I’m constantly scared

I mean constantly, sometime my mirror scares for no reason what so ever, even when I predict it things scare me.

I like everyone around me.

Everyone seems cool in my eyes so I like everyone, just wish my generation was a little nicer to each other.

I’ve been pretty truthful with my appearance I really do have grey eyes and a reddish kind of hair.

I’m very introspective and theoretical at times.

From questioning everyone of my decisions to questioning what we define as reality .

I love seals I know I haven’t mention animals much but I just love seals or as I like to call them sea dogs.

I just like to blurt out random things sometimes like that seal thing.

I was genuine about the whole I want to help people stuff, I really do like helping people and hate myself when I don’t.

I could not live if music didn’t exist.

Music is one of drives that keeps me moving, I’d probably be just stuck in bed without it. (Especially Glass Animals songs)

I am to a level of thankful to people in my life which can never be humanly reached unless I give each person their own country.

In fact right now I’d like to thank user boblong for telling me “you have talent. Cultivate it.” Thank you man it means a lot, and helps a lot .

I get embarrassed for such stupid reasons.

I mean even if I get my named called for some kind of award or just accidentally ramble on about something I get super embarrassed.

I’m gonna back to seals for a sec and say my favorite is a harp seal. They are the most adorable things on this earth.

Other than that I can’t really think of anything else to say about myself

So I guess this thing is done but if you want to ask any questions about just go for it I’m always happy to ramble on about something I know.

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