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The Virtuous

The Virtuous are a truly brilliant bunch of people.

They rather defend both light and darkness than see only 1.

The virtuous in this world are so over looked now a days.

Instead we focus on those who are malevolant.

who defend only the dark

And refuse to even believe in the good of people.

there are also those who would rather only defend light, and completely cast out darkness.

while they do contain light at heart their intents are filled with the darkness they seek to destroy.

In the middle though is the virtuous. choosing to defend both light and darkness no matter how wrong it may seem.

The Virtuous shall defend killer and savior alike.

That's what makes the virtuous truly brilliant.

They care and see not light or darkness but instead choosing to defend the people that contain them.

They shall go to as far as they may to accomplish that goal and that's why they are just so truly brilliant.

but the virtuous today are becoming so rare as they are either labeled with good or evil not with what they truly are.

Guardians of All

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