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just a bit of fiction I thought up. Not very good but I feel like the idea is kinda cool


I was awakened by the sounds of scrabbling

I managed to get to my feet to try and see what was causing such a rukus

It was a guy getting the living hell beat out of him by 4 guys each in a black hoodie with different colored jeans for each of them

lucky for him I decided to take a little nap in this uncomfortable little alley

"Hey could you leave the guy alone?"

suprised the 4 turned on me letting go of that random guy so he could collapse to the ground

"Oi I thought you said this alley was clear" said the one in black jeans

"Well it was but apparently this guy sleeps under boxes" replied the one in navy jeans

The one with green jeans (which looked terrible may I add) pulled out a knife and pointed at me while the one in red said something to me

"get lost if you value your life" I put on a grin after he ended that little statment

"I don't really value my life but I do hate your's"

The punk in green rushed at me with his knife aiming for my heart, but I didn't move an inch

The knife plunged into my chest and probably into my heart

The green guy stepped back amazed almost like he was proud of himself for stabbing me.

I pulled the knife from my chest and tossed it into one of the boxes, his proud face turned to terror as well as the other jean guys

I grabbed the green ones wrist "Hope that pride was worth your life"

The green guys body started bleeding from his entire face mouth, eyes, nose, and even ears then he dropped to the floor dead I assumed.

The other jean gang members (I came up with that on the fly) faces were filled with something much beyond terror

I raised my arm and snapped my fingers "Cold as their hearts"

The red and black ones bodies turned to solid ice statues instantly, but the navy one still stood with a look on his face that said nothing more than I'm going to die

"I'll cut you some slack navy, if you take that guy to the hospital and pay the bill I'll forget you ever crossed me

His faced turned from that thousand yard gaze to one of surprise and he even had tears of joy "Thank you uh?"

I decided there is really no point in not telling him my tag

"Six, my tags Six"

"Thank you Six I'll never do anything bad ever again in my life" I could tell he was lying to a degree but i let it slide "Leave with him now"

Navy grabbed that random guy by the shoulder and started dragging him out of the alley and onto the side walk

I felt kinda bad for lying though

After all I never forget the evil I come across

But that's just who am I after all I can't let evil intent live

Not as long as I'm six at least.

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