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Had a hard to feeling lately so I decided to just say it here


I wish I could put some emotions into this

But I’m having a hard time experiencing any

It feels weird

Cause it’s not exactly apathy

It’s just kinda nothing at all.

It’s been two days now since this started

And honestly I hate it

Well I think I hate it because I can’t seem to feel anger

This whole thing also seemed to shut my door to my world.

For some reason I just can’t get into my imagination

It’s like it never existed cause I’m having problems with even remembering that world

And while I can’t feel very scared it’s still scary to think I might lose one of the few places I experience true happiness

And on top of it all the only feeling I’ve been even close to feeling is gloom

And it’s kinda just a bubble at the surface

So I’m sad but I can’t express it

All of this is just weird but whatcha gonna do when you don’t even know why you’re like this.

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