Night stories

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Don't really know what I want to say about this one but there is the fact that night is used a lot


The night is a time for silence

The night is a place of solitude

The night is a home for secrets

The night is a vision for stars

The Night is the inspiration to artists

The night is more though

The night is a shield to corruption

The night is a gate to nightmares

The night is an abode for grief

The night is not just for concepts though

The night is also for those who want nothing more than to just have no pressure on themselves

To them the night is peace

to them the night is saftey

to them the night is heaven

to them, the night is all that remains

The night is much more still

though now the night must remain in its own secrets

so now I must allow the night to keep its garrisons of everything that it is and everything it can be

so there is is some of the many things the night can be and is

and now the night is itself a secret

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