Musical visions
Musical visions stories

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I had this as an idea to right about while I was taking a state test

Musical visions

When I listen to music I have visions

These aren’t some future thing

It’s like a scene from a movie

Sometimes a story like picture with battle and fire

Sometimes 2 characters dancing together in love

But most of the time it’s a black room with 1 light

It’s only inhabitant

Me in whatever clothing fits the songs mood

It me moving to the words

It’s me singing along

It’s me having the time of my life letting out my emotions

Those visions are damn amazing

I’ve got nothing like that feeling of listening to music and seeing a scene so amazing

There is nothing at all that’s like that feeling, nothing at all

That’s not a bad thing

If anything it’s therapeutic

After all it’s letting my emotions go wild in an environment that’s perfect for it

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