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I had a moment a few minutes ago so I wrote this

Missed Opportunity

Almost everyday of my life is filled with an opportunity for something great

But every fucking time I see it I don’t take it and fucking hate that fact

It’s like wanting to talk to someone but you never do because your so afraid that just 1 word will make them hate your guts

I’ve missed so many opportunities that I’ve gone wrote about it here

Just minutes ago I had the opportunity to make a friend with someone nice, that’s smart, and even funny no said my brain your so below her that if you even try to talk to her you’ll be the fuck up of the entire school

Every day I have to deal with this fucking hell of not taking opportunity to better myself or even just make myself happy

And yeah I get it it’s my fucking fault for being such an idiot, I also get people have so much worse hells than me

But that doesn’t mean that it’s any better cause it really ain’t I mean how dose it feel to missed great opportunity just because you’re to scared to do one little thing

I know I can better myself but I’m just to fucking lazy and idiotic to fix myself and I hate that fact to

I just wish I wasn’t such an idiot And I’m sorry for writing this here but I couldn’t find my journal

And right now you’re probably thinking how much this guy is trying to attention is sad and worst part is I would agree I probably just am that stupid that I’m just crying for attention

I really am sorry if you read this cause it’s just terrible

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